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About Tom Joad and "The Grapes of Wrath":
 I  suggest reading it for yourself.   Pick it up at an independent bookstore.  You might also read the lyrics to the Ballad of Tom Joad, by Woody Guthrie.  Woody Guthrie wrote the song the night he saw the film.  In a newspaper column he wrote:

"Shows the dam bankers men that broke us and the dust that choked us, and comes right out in plain old English and says what to do about it. "It says you got to get together and have some meeting, and stick together, and raise old billy hell till you get youre job, and get your farm back, and your house and your chickens and your groceries and your clothes, and your money back" (reprinted in Woody Sez [New York, 1975], p. 133).
There is also Bruce Springsteen's more recent ballad, The Ghost of Tom Joad.
 You may also wish to check out the folks who carry on the struggle for justice in the fields where our food is grown, by visiting the United Farm Workers. 

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